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Food, fun and friends – all for free! The Summer BreakSpot Program provides nutritious meals to children across Florida all summer long. Summer Meals for Florida Kids


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Cannabis Revolution

      I started this blog some time ago, and have recently resolved to resurrect this pertinent page, during this time of cannabis crit-mass. 

     Brace yourselves! We can expect a certain degree of civil unrest upon totally legalized cannabis consumption across the board. The only crime that will increase, while all other violent or drug-related crime rate drops, is hate crimes against pro-Cannabis citizens. Even worse, would be corporate kill orders on affiliated persons having to do with the legalization of cannabis, a.k.a. Competition for “cannibalistic corporations,” i.e. Paper, plastic, pharmaceutical, alcohol, medical, insurance, Law Enforcement (Oh, yes, I did go there with all that!) Business entities consuming consumers and excreting debt-ridden lost causes, destined to scratch at the sides of the crevasse we have “chosen”, eking out every drop of that “can do” attitude before the capitalistic curtain falls on this act of, “America: The Few Still Proud, The Falling.”

        Please, turn off your paid programming, evangelical infomercial, smartphone, or GoPro for this brief announcement. 

     Visit  Cannabis Revolution to see how you can help! Have an idea on how to help? Please! Post a comment somewhere and I’ll respond, post haste! 



Two types of People…

       Ya know how some people like to reduce humanity into two types of people? Have you ever noticed humans inherent need to categorize everything? To date, almost all of these opinionated revelations have been different from one another. I believe this to be the result of the unique perspective each of us hold high in theory, then ridicule in practice. Those who are different, these days, bear the brunt of the collectively accepted “steps to success”. If certain benchmarks are disregarded or unattained, then you are a lesser. The predominantly undesired designation where we are divided into two groups: Betters and Lessers. Obviously, “Betters” are better than “Lessers,” since “Lessers” are lesser than “Betters.” Right? Wrong!Get it?

Enough of all that begat  bologna. Who’s better than, lesser than. I believe that all of us are Best! Each seed started with the potential to do good. Some seeds just fall too far from the tree. Forgotten where their roots belong. As a result,  growing, knowing of the surface, ground zero, but going no deeper than the epidermis of Earth. The skin of the crust. It ain’t no skin off my teeth to watch one merely standing idly by, waiting to fall prey to wind, rain, drought, famine, or some other force of nature unavoidably on a crash course with that particular position. Pray, tell you.

Two types of people, I believe exist. Believers and Non-believers (no correlation to any current, well-known belief structures/religions. Rather a believer of a world at peace and plenty always, or a non-believer of such a reality realising within the span of all living generations.) Non-believers are the cancer that has spread across the Earth. Living so selfishly, you can see in their wake what lay littered. The filth of a generation lost in time and space. But not forever! A shrine to their inability to care one iota, floating beyond the furthest reaches humans have ever seen. The last carbon footprint will be all that is left of this failed social experiment. As it hurtles end-over-end into the great beyond, propelled by the potential humanity once held multiplied by their inability to separate self from equation resulting in self-destruction. Self x Beliefs = Ego. Ego x WP(world population) = 0. Please refer to moon-sized “carbon foot-print” made of garbage referred to earlier.

You could believe, rather than not. You could perceive yourself and worthy of Love. Worthy of the Life you have, thus far, marred with tarnish. Darned it all to heck! But never fret. The best is yet to come! If you believe in magic, magic happen. Believe in Karma, watch it happen. Trust your gut, and let not death arrest your breathing. Stop you dead in your tracks. Your essence bled. You are now flat. Conventionally separate from Life as we know it.

Do you believe in Utopia? Do you believe it to be possible? If not, then you are nothing more than an obstacle. No roots inside the ground. Superficial. Artificial. A fickle figment of imagination, subject to the changing winds.

I believe in: the power of One, Utopia, Everything=Energy, God=Energy, Religion=Fear, Fear=Control, Control=Money, Money=*Evil (*all evils are necessary. Unless equilibrium/homeostasis is upheld indefinitely, all life rises and falls. Evil/Death must exist to maintain the cosmic equation’s balance). Good=Love. Love=Life. Although most of these things I oppose, those that warrant worth are honest and pure at their core. As opposed to Religion, for example. While offered as a means to salvation from the fiery pits of Hell, or reincarnation as a roach, very few religious righteous act as though their professed propaganda purposes. Like the American Constitution, these “holy” writings are open to the interpretation of the times, and the person who pronounces supremacy above all others in matters pertaining to the interpretation of the law, (apparently with no personal, religious, or any such bias affecting the process of reaching a fair judgment as it pertains to the up-to-date amendments regarding the actions of an equally created and revered human, regardless of financial standing, criminal history, testimonials, hearsay, etc.)

*****************ALL NON-BELIEVERS NEED NOT APPLY!**************

You are needed, on the fly, to re-position your third eye, to open! What good is insight, when outside, your message goes unspoken for fear of ill-reception. Rejection does hurt, but rebuilding is worth it. You must break the surface. Reach “root-depth:perfect.” This Earth will not survive more apathy. More hurtful, unmindful, incorrigible behavior. Sure to land us all in the cosmic gutter. A band of debris, once mighty. Now nomadic, waiting to happen upon an object whose gravity grabs us tightly, ‘til we grow too big to be held nightly. Orbit lapse. We skip off briskly paced, into the black, unsure of placement anymore. All categories crumbled to the floor. Your system of sureties surely surprised even psychics, who survey the future for perversions of purity, (i.e. Ancient Egypt, Rome, British, Spanish, Invasive Americans, etc.). Nobody saw it coming. The fall after the pride, that is. Take note this time, for hist’ry does repeat itself, if lessons be lost in transmission. Only those who have taken from the past, the lessons offered, can avoid re-living them as decisions rather than revisiting through literature. The difference between living as the lead role in the film “Groundhog Day”, or reading the book or screenplay once or twice and absorbing the moral morsels for all the good little boys and girls.

Take heed. Believe! You all will see the beauty meant to be here all along. We simply stumbled onto the wrong path. Revert to last known checkpoint. Retake the test. This is your last will and testament, lest the best be done. The rest be pressed in the pages of history  for the next supreme species to see and take note of what not to do. Thanks to humans.

Warning. Warning. WARNING!

Give, and just so happen to receive!

Good Search is a search engine offering to donate $.01 to the charitable cause of your choice,every time you enter a query.

      I try to use it as often as possible. I was fortunate enough to have my favorite radio station as a choice. No matter who you choose, the true choice is to give back, or sit back. Click the link below, and if ya’ dig, set it as yo’ crib-page. Na’ mean!

GoodSearch #represent

This is it!

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Nice Is as Nice Does.”

The nicest thing I have ever done, is respond to this post. Not to gloat, or float my own boat, but I was under the impression that good deeds done to receive recompense or recognition, is a deed done in vain.

Just saying, where’s the philanthropy in tax deductible donations? The perpetuation of our class-based exclusion-based fee-market?

“on getting back into it, Imposter Days, strangers and the simply strange”

on getting back into it, Imposter Days, strangers and the simply strange.

Written by: Sarah, not me.

I found this at http://www.onmytiptoes.com. This was my first visit to this website, and my first introduction to the owner of said site.

This particular press I’m sharing, connected to my life in many ways. I do not, however, have MS. In that light, I can not empathize. This site will keep you reading for hours! Post topics vary from post to post as well, which is good to attract different demographics. I am included in one of those minority demographics, that would not have read down one page, had yarn/knitting been the only topic discussed. That’s not to say I don’t appreciate, or enjoy knitting. I don’t know how to knit, but if I did in fact knit, I imagine I’d get most of my “Knit News” from this site.

Thank You, Sarah.

For your various insights into the human condition. I appreciate your honesty and integrity. Keep up the Great Work!