Employ Reason

Wars have been fought for many reasons throughout history. A dictator declaring genocide on an innocent Peoples for no reason. Personally, i do not feel as though any human should have any say in the life of another, unless that say be of kind nature and good will. And personally, obviously Hitler would have been more miserable alive. He took his own life while begging to know what went wrong. How could he, the supreme leader, be worth the wax on his boots, if the shine be not the fruits of the labor pursued, ensured, prospered, offered to your peers as equality among men.

Unity can be achieved  without an entity such as a government, so long as each person is honest. Honesty evokes Love. Love invokes God. God is truly all we see, smell, hear, touch, taste, and then some.

I bear no bias here. All beliefs are true, if they are good. Goodness is Godness is Love is Life. Regardless of prophecy foretold out of vague inevitability propelled by powers with interests in line to pillage the poor, poor people.

Peace is simply pride erased. All Land is Holy despite deity. All resources precious no matter abundance. Commodities abound. Anything is found. Lost message. Moderation from mind down to bowels.

Body is temple, Mind is the Soul.

Control your will.


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