Critical Mass

This is a term you will see regularly on this blog. Usually, I will abbreviate the term “critical mass,” with the term, “crit-mass.”

As the aim of this blog is to eliminate racial discrimination and violence, the world over, critical mass, or “crit-mass” is the point at which a majority of people have been affected as such to pursue and foster peace all around, at all times, for all of Earth. It is at this tipping point, crit-mass, when the changes brought through love and peace, a quantifiable difference will take effect eradicating evil, and all tools at evil’s disposal.

My proposal, or prediction/premonition, presents a unique opportunity for all of mankind. Hypothetically, if in the course of one day, every person in the world stopped judging, competing, and destroying self and surroundings, and instead shift in your head from bad to good. Eliminate all hate speech from your words. We’ve no more use for these stupid wars only awarding the most heads hoard. I think not.

I think enough people died in vain. There’ve been enough steeples built in vain. There’s people still suffering in the shadows of such things. The challenge is simple:

The more individuals creating positive change in the world, the faster crit-mass can be reached, thereby provided much needed relief for Earth, to say the least, and of course for the people. The power behind peace. The people. The power of one. Critical mass.


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