What a Weekend…

We are now one hour into Monday. Memorial day.

I say, remembering the weekend is as good a place to start as any.
Oh, what a world, in which we live, where evil people prey on those that are good around them. All day. Battle raging. Souls for taking. The only enemy is where evil is made. From within the minds of women, men, and children. All fall prey to evil’s gaze, sooner or later. The question is what do you do with an evil when it is presented.
All women, all men are born with two side to them. One good, one evil. Each of us leading both fights from inside your own mind. How you spend your time. Way down to what’s suppressed. You must address these depths to reach the surface.
Re-surface to meet rest. Re-birth, our purpose here on earth. Peace. Achieve from within, then see your family, energy. Everything. Equals at last. Life can, at last thrive. Strive for this daily. Good Day!


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