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Cannabis Revolution

      I started this blog some time ago, and have recently resolved to resurrect this pertinent page, during this time of cannabis crit-mass. 

     Brace yourselves! We can expect a certain degree of civil unrest upon totally legalized cannabis consumption across the board. The only crime that will increase, while all other violent or drug-related crime rate drops, is hate crimes against pro-Cannabis citizens. Even worse, would be corporate kill orders on affiliated persons having to do with the legalization of cannabis, a.k.a. Competition for “cannibalistic corporations,” i.e. Paper, plastic, pharmaceutical, alcohol, medical, insurance, Law Enforcement (Oh, yes, I did go there with all that!) Business entities consuming consumers and excreting debt-ridden lost causes, destined to scratch at the sides of the crevasse we have “chosen”, eking out every drop of that “can do” attitude before the capitalistic curtain falls on this act of, “America: The Few Still Proud, The Falling.”

        Please, turn off your paid programming, evangelical infomercial, smartphone, or GoPro for this brief announcement. 

     Visit  Cannabis Revolution to see how you can help! Have an idea on how to help? Please! Post a comment somewhere and I’ll respond, post haste! 




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