Thank you #MarRef

Every Body is Brown! Love for all and all for Love!

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I am so, so proud today. Thank you to everyone who canvassed, leafleted, debated, argued, worried, cried, laughed, begged and loved.

We fought for the best cause of all: Love. Nothing was easy or ever seemed certain, but in hindsight, how could we lose?

We fought for equality, for generosity, for kindness. We fought for our sisters, our brothers, our children, our parents, our friends.

We fought for LGBT children, long dead, whose lives were made a misery by a brutal, unloving Ireland.

We fought for LGBT children now grown older who – until only 22 years ago – lived in a land where their very existence was a crime .

We fought for LGBT children just born, or yet to be born, who will now live in a kinder and better Ireland where the love in their heart will mean as much as the colour and the beauty in their eyes.


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Throwback Thursday featuring Andrea Potos from issue 289.2

As a father, this poem hit home runs. Beautiful composition and content. Thank You.


Andrea Potos’s poem, “Each Self” won the James Hearst Poetry Prize in 2004. Her poem is featured in issue 289.2, Spring 2004.

Notes from the author: As my daughter is now on the verge of leaving for college far away from home, I reflect again on what she inspired in me when I wrote this poem years ago:  all the invisible, infinitesimal, yet totally inescapable changes that propel us forward, willingly or not,  into new lives.


Each Self

My six-year-old daughter stares into the purpling
copper sky and names it dusk, a just-learned word
she is happy to declare, comparing it to evening
and afternoon. We talk of how the Earth turns away
from the sun each night,
a motion so encompassing,
our bodies cannot know it.
I don’t tell her how the child
part of me still disbelieves it – that this globe
actually spins while we breathe, while my…

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The French Approach to “Anti-racism”: Pretty Words and Magical Thinking

A first-hand example of how despite reported, “fluidity” in France’s outlook on race, the turmoil boils just beneath the surface. In a package nice and neat designed to make us buy it. I want my money back, now!

Aware of Awareness

I first came to France twelve years ago during my junior year abroad. I was the first person in my family to get a passport and I could barely contain my excitement. In the winter of 2003, two years before the riots that followed the untimely deaths of 15 year old Zyed Benna and 17 year old Bouna Traore, I landed in Paris bright-eyed and bushy tailed, armed with a very shaky grasp of French and a naive fascination with this beautiful country.

As an African-American, I was vaguely aware that France did not deal with issues of race the way we do in the United States. And when I happened to forget, French white people were keen to remind me. In one of the sociology classes I took at a university in the south of France, I hesitantly raised my hand to ask a question. The white French professor had…

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Dust is a Must!

Please excuse my dear, Aunt Sally. Pardon our dust!

Attention. Attention! Was that bold enough to capture your attention? Here’s Hopin’!

******This site under perpetual change*****

Please make no assumptions that anything is the same here since your last visit. My hope is that through continuing edits and re-envisioning of this blog, I can affect enough people to effect the world around them, positively, one by one. Hoorah! Hoorah!

Critical Mass

This is a term you will see regularly on this blog. Usually, I will abbreviate the term “critical mass,” with the term, “crit-mass.”

As the aim of this blog is to eliminate racial discrimination and violence, the world over, critical mass, or “crit-mass” is the point at which a majority of people have been affected as such to pursue and foster peace all around, at all times, for all of Earth. It is at this tipping point, crit-mass, when the changes brought through love and peace, a quantifiable difference will take effect eradicating evil, and all tools at evil’s disposal.

My proposal, or prediction/premonition, presents a unique opportunity for all of mankind. Hypothetically, if in the course of one day, every person in the world stopped judging, competing, and destroying self and surroundings, and instead shift in your head from bad to good. Eliminate all hate speech from your words. We’ve no more use for these stupid wars only awarding the most heads hoard. I think not.

I think enough people died in vain. There’ve been enough steeples built in vain. There’s people still suffering in the shadows of such things. The challenge is simple:

The more individuals creating positive change in the world, the faster crit-mass can be reached, thereby provided much needed relief for Earth, to say the least, and of course for the people. The power behind peace. The people. The power of one. Critical mass.

What a Weekend…

We are now one hour into Monday. Memorial day.

I say, remembering the weekend is as good a place to start as any.
Oh, what a world, in which we live, where evil people prey on those that are good around them. All day. Battle raging. Souls for taking. The only enemy is where evil is made. From within the minds of women, men, and children. All fall prey to evil’s gaze, sooner or later. The question is what do you do with an evil when it is presented.
All women, all men are born with two side to them. One good, one evil. Each of us leading both fights from inside your own mind. How you spend your time. Way down to what’s suppressed. You must address these depths to reach the surface.
Re-surface to meet rest. Re-birth, our purpose here on earth. Peace. Achieve from within, then see your family, energy. Everything. Equals at last. Life can, at last thrive. Strive for this daily. Good Day!