This subpage is dedicated to information regarding all ongoing and upcoming events, with respect to Unification, of course. Of course, you would not have clicked on “projects” without some level of personal action in mind. Actionable by you, who, had the thoughts unspoken. Put them here for all to see, and do. For here, at E.B.B., our bottom line is never a number. Our bottom line is, Earth. ( in no way am i an alien planted here to ensnare humanity is chains, and take over the burden of bleeding Earth dry, formerly on the human docket.

And now, for the first project t.b.a.n. <(Now), will require effort by all. The power of one leaves much to be desired, if the whole of the people are required to stand. Initiate “Crit-mass.”

Crit-mass, or critical mass, will be obtained when the majority of humans on Earth, rid negativity and unsavory deeds from their being. So, one at a time, rather each person individually must enlist this change until it comes of second nature. Although, it should have been our first nature, I think. At least that’s how I was brought up. For those that were not reared with such consideration, continue checking back by for some insight and inspiration. Basically, follow the golden rule, Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you. This school of though has been around since B.C. In theory, the approach is the same as Every Body Brown (E.B.B.), but it is indeed implying a mutual respect for all across the board. They say, “Kill ’em with kindness,” but that’s not possible! Ha! Made me laugh. If that was even possible, then kindness would be evil, or maybe just the lesser of the two.

Regardless, violence is an outdated, archaic, reckless, and just plain ol’ mean! I have done my share of mean things in my life. Mostly teasing, exclusion, deformation of character. I have been in no more than five fights in my life. Two of which, were with my brother. All incidences occurred before my eighteenth year of life. Good thing, too! Otherwise, I would have been thrown in jail long ago, maybe prison if the wrong person was afraid of what I am capable of. The Power of One! Your homework, everyday from now until crit-mass occurs, is to be the change you want to see. Don’t assume and derelict your duties as a human, when the world all around you will feel it. That darkness. The negative energy vibrates more coarsely (or rough), than positivity. +Energy flows with no resistance. Low OhmsLaw. Negative energy (thoughts) is heavier, than positive. Therefore denser as well,which is why it’s hard to stay mad. It can, and is, done though. Don’t try this experiment, though Any excess negativity should always be channeled out properly, so as not to inflict internal damage, i.e. cancer. Even mental decay can occur, simply due to negative energy present somewhere in the vicinity.

If you can not ID, and address the polluting party, perhaps a sincere  effort to affect the mood such that , Frank, “The Violator,” retires  his “neg head” (negative head) to adorn the more effective and fair, happy head! 86, get rid of, do away with, say, “Goodbye, Mr. Neg. Helllllllooo, Mr. Happy! Happy trails to ya’, until we meet again. One more time! How does it go?

Until further notice, each night you WILL attempt to change a mind. More like alter perception. The first person you encounter with a negative demeanor, approach them respectfully, deploy conversion tactics, and hope it lands.

And just so you can’t say I didn’t warn ya, most people you try to reach will only deny this reality we’re so excited to be part of. Eutopia! Still America, but then we will be reborn as “Believers.” Not to be confused with Justin Beiber, or religion even. I will speak of two different types of people. Believers, and “nons” OR non-believers. Currently, the world majority is littered with nons. Lazy free-loaders expecting a handout just because you can afford it? You earned it? Good for you! What about them? What deems you worthy, yet not them? Your wallet? Your Benz? Your job? Your age, or your looks? Who cares?

We’re all hairy beasts under there. The least we could do is appreciate nature more. Be who we’re placed here for, Team mates. We’re all on the same team. Let’s play like it! Stop the fighting. Babies crying over spilled milk. Let’s all grow up. Can’t we all just get along? Lettuce Prey.


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