Sublingual (abbreviated SL), from the Latin for “under the tongue”,

Any one can come to initiate, influence, or just observe discussions on the things we keep, “under the tongue.” Undisclosed truths. Songs left unsung. Driven by fear. Hiding ‘hind masks of the ego. Defense mechanisms. Walls create space. Hear my call from beyond, said metaphorical wall.

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What if…

Mother Earth is “God “? Dearly departed souls stay here in earth. Amidst all energetic forms of life, be it cognizant or not. We, truly, are, all, the same. Of the same essence. Of the same breath. Totally pointless, this depressed present. How great it will be, when all live in harmony. No longer will we have to die, or lose those close. When greed and pride are exiled, humanity’s priorities will shift to saving our savior, Mother Earth. Some litter her surface with the waste of their living; decaying and seeping down deep into her soul. A simple mistake, now, taking from living beings when you think you are supreme. Living things, you didn’t think to concern yourself with. Not a blinking bulb in head. Instead you eat, shit, sleep, all in the same place. No care for the future, because you think you only live once. Yeah? Well I want my one time to be a shining beacon from the past, illuminating a path. 
The walk of the righteous is long. Many nights lost, there, will you spend. One day, returning with no weapons in hand. Only singing songs from thy heart and radiating light with such force. Energy release. Ora formed before us. Once formless and invisible; intangible, thus fictional. What lives on will be that energy; not this shell called “hell”.
 Elevate yourself. Make haste. Enough time has been wasted. Drenched in entertainment. Our brains went haywire the day they created fire. That’s the cancer. The human err. *It to air is human, to be infallible is godly. We must do better. The seasons, the weather, humanities average life expectancy; how many blatant street signs do you not see with your energy focused on illuminated falsities? The latest and greatest dreailment of destiny. Our duty is to improve the quality of life for all living things. We are the watchers of this place. Though we watch it go to waste, we can’t be bothered to clean up after self; forget cleaning up after others. We must grin and bear, for after the work is started, mother Earth will go. The pride emanating from our success in alleviating impending doom. At the current rate of disgrace we send the way of the year, earth, she will have exhausted her bouncy shortly. Like any good mother would do for her children, she would die if it meant her love would be sent and received with the intended emotion as when it was felt. A depth that can only be known through having such love for children of your own.
Earth is our mother. Present and nurturing. Time is our father. Distant and taught. A conceptual paradox, if time manipulation is even possible. But, I’m no physicist. Just a Ramblin’ fool, whose only contribution is confusion. Confucius say, what? Talking at your mental fabric. Displacing it’s intended placement. Place your bets if you think you will last, with an abscess cavity of cranial capacity; where that old thing you called your brain once slept perpetually. Perplexing possibility, you see? 
I think it best to rescind all bets. I repeat, say again. All bets are off. All bets are off. Your best bet is to jet set. Yes, get back to some semblance of logic. Assemble the potential bestowed upon us all. 
*If we were created in some “godly image quote, then it could be surmise that we possess equal faculties as said diety. 
in other words, the creation to mimic self, would contain things needed to rediscover what’s been there all along. Just along for the ride. Some odd 90% of my brain (most humans) has always contain the secrets of life. Unlocking miraculous things. 
After all, a mind is a terrible thing to waste. Regenerate.



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